By using the Project SAILS Test for Information Literacy, you agree to the following:

  1. You have the authority and permission of your institution to engage the testing services of Carrick Enterprises, Inc.
  2. You agree to make payment for all testing you complete.
  3. You will use the material supplied on the Project SAILS web site, including all instructions and tutorials, to implement the test at your institution. The Project SAILS team will usually respond to requests for further information or assistance within two to five business days.
  4. You agree to complete the forms and other information on the Project SAILS web site accurately and as instructed.
  5. You have reviewed and understand the Project SAILS testing calendar and are aware of the important session dates.
  6. You will ensure that only students at your institution have access to login information (the Test and Student Keys) provided to you for test access.
  7. The test questions are intended for internal use at your institution. You will not distribute the test questions beyond your institution or make them available to external users. You will not allow students at your institution to copy the test questions.
  8. All data collected through the use of the test belongs to Carrick Enterprises, Inc. You will not have access to that data except in the form of the standard results files, which are available to you after your payment is received. Carrick Enterprises grants your institution an unlimited license to use the data and reports that you receive in any manner you choose, except that you may not share the test questions (see #7 above).
  9. Carrick Enterprises, Inc. has the right to use test and demographic data for research and publication purposes. Test data will not be connected to any particular test-taker or institution. No institution will be individually identified in any reporting of test results.
  10. Carrick Enterprises, Inc. will provide aggregated demographic data about each institution in the test reports provided to institutions.
  11. Carrick Enterprises, Inc. will provide you a report of your institution's performance on the test as PDF and spreadsheet documents.
  12. If you choose to collect identifying information about students taking the test, you will keep that information private and not share it with Carrick Enterprises, Inc.
  13. Your testing results will not be available for download until payment is received by Carrick Enterprises, Inc.
  14. The Project SAILS Test and all other Project SAILS materials are owned by Carrick Enterprises, Inc. All material on the Project SAILS web site, including the test, is copyright protected. All rights are reserved. No part of this site or material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without express written permission from the copyright owner.
  15. If you have an Unlimited Annual Contract (one- or two-year) you may administer any number of tests to any number of students during the SAILS testing year (June 15 - May 31 each year). All contracts terminate on June 1 of the contract period regardless of when the contract is started. All running tests are automatically stopped on June 1 of each year regardless of contract period.

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