Project SAILS would not be possible without the time, talent, and support of the following:

David L Bird
Web Programming Consultant
Dave worked extensively on the Project SAILS test engine.

Julia Blixrud
Assistant Executive Director, External Relations
Association of Research Libraries
Julia acted as the ARL liaison to Project SAILS.

Anita Clary
Senior Secretary
Kent State University Libraries
Anita provided vital office and communication support.

Joe Corell
Software Development Consultant
Joe developed an improved algorithm for generation of the paper test.

Christine DeMars, PhD
Center for Assessment & Research Studies
Psychometrics Consultant
James Madison University
Christine determined which scoring algorithm we would use in the production version of SAILS.

Julie Gedeon, Ph.D.
Project SAILS Team Member (2001-2012)
Julie was a founding member of Project SAILS. She provided content and measurement expertise.

Sue Lacy
Accounting Specialist
Kent State University Libraries
Sue handled business services for Project SAILS.

Paula McMillen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Oregon State University
Paula went above and beyond to provide suggestions and feedback about the early stages of the test.

Lisa O’Connor, Ph.D.
Project SAILS Team Member (2001-2004)
Lisa was one of the Project SAILS pioneers whose hard work and vision helped get the project off the ground.

Jeph Remley
Multimedia/Web Developer
Kent State University
Jeph lent his talents to the SAILS team through graphics creation and web site design. He is also the creator of the look and feel for the test.

Joe Salem, Ph.D.
Penn State University
Joe provided extensive work on test development and support for data analysis.

Mary Thompson
Project Coordinator for SAILS (2002-2006)
Mary served as the primary contact point between Project SAILS and other organizations and institutions.

Mark W. Weber
Dean of University Libraries (2001-2010)
Kent State University
Mark provided constant encouragement and steady support to the project and team members.

Steven Wise, Ph.D.
Psychometrics Consultant
Steve shared his phenomenal knowledge and experience with us, offering advice on how to craft an online test for students.

Kent State University graduate student assistants:
Vanessa Kraps (2011)
Joelle Thomas (2008-2009)
Lauren Parker (2007-2008)
Sharon Edwards (2007)
Carla Schober (2006)
These dauntingly capable women maintained the SAILS web site, managed public relations and communications, and organized research and project materials to keep Project SAILS running.

A special thank you goes to the 84 institutions who participated in the SAILS development phase.