Sample Questions

The questions below show the format of items that a student will see. They are not actual test questions.

Sample Question One

If you find a very good article on your topic, what is the most efficient source for finding related articles?

 Sample Question Two

Which of the following best identifies a “publication issued periodically, usually weekly or monthly, containing articles, stories, photographs and advertisements?”

Sample Question Three

What is a term used to describe what a book or journal article is about?

Sample Question Four

If you wanted to search for a topic that has several components, such as nutrition for pregnant women, which operator would you use?

Sample Question Five

Is it ethical for you to use the ideas of another person in a research paper?

Sample Question Six

You are writing a 10-page research paper. Your search on your paper topic has produced 34 articles. What is the best course of action?

Sample Question Seven

You need to get information on an event that took place two days ago. Where are you most likely to find information about the event?

Sample Question Eight

You must write a paper on the environmental practices of Sony Corporation. Which of the following is most likely to provide balanced information?

Sample Question Nine

Identify the type of resource referenced in the following database record.

Sample Question Ten

Which of the following concepts makes it legally wrong to reproduce a substantial portion of the works of another person without permission?