Advantages of Project SAILS

When the SAILS team started work on the test, there were no other instruments for the standard measurement of information literacy. Since that time, other organizations have developed their own information literacy tests. However, the SAILS test has some unique advantages to offer institutions.

The test can be administered during one class period.

Most students finish the Cohort test within 35 minutes and the Individual Scores test within 45 minutes.

SAILS is inexpensive.

Registering and setting up a test is free, so you can explore the system (and show it to faculty and administrators) before making a purchase. Pricing is set to respect your budget — see the Pricing page.

The test is simple to set up and operate.

There are no programming requirements, the system uses a graphical user interface, and everything is done through the Project SAILS web site.

There are minimal technical requirements.

All you need is a computer or tablet with a standard browser and Internet access. Test Managers will need Acrobat Reader or similar software to read their reports. You do not need to purchase or install any additional software or hardware.

SAILS is a valid test.

We have used internal and external validation to ensure the items and the test as a whole are good measures of information literacy. We have a detailed explanation of this process on the Validity and Reliability page.