Students login here: SAILS Test Student Login
Do NOT register with Project SAILS. You will NOT be able to take the test by doing this.
If you do not have an Administration Code and Student Identifier, go to the Contact Form to request these.

Choose the selection that best fits your situation:

I am a student and need to take the SAILS test.
I have administered SAILS for my institution before. You will be taken to the login page. Use your existing SAILS login and password to create new SAILS administrations.
My institution has administered SAILS before but I have not been involved. You will be asked to select your institution from the list of institutions that have administered or are currently administering SAILS.
My institution has NOT administered SAILS before. You will need to provide information about your institution before registering yourself with the SAILS system.

Institutions that have registered with SAILS: